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closing of a currency position. Car Sales - economic indicator of a number of sold cars, an index of consumer demand. Last - average value of the last bid and ask values; the price of the last transaction. Australia, australia, quali sono le città pi belle. Unemployment - macro-economic indication which shows unemployment rate (in percentage against total number of able-bodied population).

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Square - result of traders transactions at which profit size is equal to the losses size. Bar Chart - is an instrument of technical analysis; a chart where prices are indicated with the help of bars or lines. Transaction Cost - payment for buying or selling of a financial tool. Currency Option - option contract which entitles a trader to buy or sell one currency for another at an agreed" and within stipulated time frame. Stati uniti, dollaro USA, mondo, alla scoperta della perla dellOceano Indiano: cosa vedere. Double Top - a pattern of technical analysis, displaying the situation when the rate goes up to a certain level twice and then descends. Nonfarm payrolls - number of employees on the payroll (excluding agricultural sector).