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at various times and dates displayed on the forex calendar. Du kannst trotzdem eine neue Übersetzung vorschlagen, wenn du dich einloggst und andere. For instance, if the news is to be released out of Australia, then AUD (Aussie Dollar) is the currency symbol that will be displayed. Yellow stands for low impact. The next item as we keep moving to the right of the interface is the market impact colour codes. Guidelines möglichst mit einem guten Beleg im Kommentarfeld. The title of the news release is shown next to the market impact buttons, as well as the news detail. Moving from left to right, the forex calendar on forex factor shows the date on which the news will be released, as well as the time of release.

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Four sets of number columns are seen: the actual (shown after the news is released the consensus (forecast) and the previous numbers are shown on a constant basis, with a revision to the previous figure (if any) making up the last numbers column. The forex calendar from Forex Factory is one of the best forex calendars to use for news trading in forex as it has all the features to enable traders understand what to trade. Orange stands for medium impact, and red is for high impact. Traders have the option of changing the time zone that will be displayed by clicking on the time tab located directly above the time column. This is a very important component of the forex calendar found on Forex Factory. Extending the date out until November should make these all profitable: HES Nov2.5 call @.05 or better OXY Nov2 72 call @.55 or better SWK Nov2 126 call @.85. Simply visit Forex Factory to study the forex calendar available on the site using this article as a guide. The section in the middle of the interface shows the news events that are released at specific times and dates. One of these tools is the forex calendar, also known as the economic news calendar or simply the economic calendar. The forex calendar on Forex Factory looks just like the snapshot shown above. The Forex Factory website is indeed a great resource for all categories of traders.

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fx forex factory

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