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some time researching on your charts). The most basic building blocks of technical analysis and widely used concepts in forex. The highest point reached before it pulls back is considered resistance level. We only use psychological levels to enter our trades. Or you can be an conservative trader, by awaiting the pullback before entering when price breaks a key support or resistance level. If youre using candlestick charts to find support or resistance, normally the best way to plot support and resistance points, is by looking for the test of how many times the candlesticks touch a point, but dont close past the level. You are not allowed to enter twice in 1 hour.

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forex psy asystujce

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This is simply down to a natural tendency to round numbers up to provide an easier reference point. There are several ways that these levels can be of use to traders. In the image above you can see a great example of how to identify confluence between a key Psychological level and other technical elements. Majority of the time, support and resistance can be determined by drawing trend lines(Trend lines drawn off key highs and lows can be used to identify important support and resistance levels). Conclusion Useful Psychological levels can be in helping you find entry points to the market as well as managing your trades. Here is a screenshot from the trading method. These levels are called Psychological levels. So how can we use these Psychological levels? Inside Tip: One of the best ways to find key support and resistance levels is to use a line chart instead of a candlestick chart.

Forex, scalping Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the. Scalping system #9 (Trading by Psychological Levels) Submitted by User on February 6, :20. PSY, price Line: Price Line is a very simple psychological is tool allows you to position a price level on the chart and receive a customizable.