forex scalping robot 8.0

this as it is impossible to replicate live execution conditions on a demo account where orders are not really filled in the market. If you compare our robot to other forex scalping robots we usually come out tops trade for trade. Peculiarities, ready to go without any particular setup. This makes it a perfect entry strategy for scalping. StopLoss - StopLoss value. Well quite plainly we actually did a lot of research and testing before even coming up with the philosophy of our scalping bot. We crunched all the figures and one broker came out tops. There needs to be a balance between securing profit and leaving room for retracements.

Contrary to the belief most people have these areas act as a instigator for volatility and often spikes occur at these levels. These are profitable and working forex trading strategies you download can use absolutely free! Here is a list of the tests we performed:. Small risk high reward combined with a higher than normal win ratio for a scalping bot. The Daily timeframe gives great results but doesnt trade enough. Recommended values are 0. Minimum initial deposit. Lowest Draw Down, mT4 Broker Test, the desired outcome for this test was to identify the MT4 retail broker with the best conditions for automated scalping on a live account.