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Suite Expert Advisor Review Read Review Deposit 1000.27 Gain 84 Monthly.03 Daily.08 Drawdown.71.58 Days 726 Chart Account Real Trends Tracker Pro Review Read Review Deposit 16274.80 Balance.00 Gain 384 Monthly.48 Daily.25 Drawdown.22. I will be adding new forex robots when they are released so check back often for the latest results and to see which are the latest best forex robots in the world for 2018! It is a measure of the largest loss that the trading account had at any given moment or period of time. Chart The forex robots equity chart. However, demo accounts can still give a good idea on what to expect from a forex robots performance. Chart Account Real Forex Combo System Review Read Review Deposit 5000.63 Gain Monthly.77 Daily.03 Drawdown.88.04 Days 825 Chart Account Demo RayBOT Expert Advisor Review RayBOT Expert Advisor Review Deposit 500.00 Balance 588.57 Gain 17 Monthly.50 Daily.02 Drawdown.84. Demo accounts can give different result to real accounts because of factors such as different spreads and slippage.

Monthly.67 Daily.31 Drawdown.26.63 Days 926 Chart Account Real Rev Trader Pro Review Read Review Deposit 4975.55. Monthly.57 Daily.30 Drawdown.88.93 Days 952 Chart Account Real Happy Gold Review Read Review Deposit 1000.24.8 Monthly.45 Daily.30 Drawdown.98. Chart Account Real Forex Earth Robot Review Read Review Deposit 1000.17 Gain Monthly.27 Daily.27 Drawdown.02.89 Days 645 Chart Account Real Arteon FX Robot Review Read Review Deposit 1000.85 Gain 204 Monthly.26 Daily.16 Drawdown.22.54 Days 701. Chart Account Real QuickScalp Trader Review Read Review Deposit 5000.6.43 Gain Monthly.54 Daily.54 Drawdown.17.24 Days 197 free no deposit bonus forex broker Chart Account Real Everex Elite Review Read Review Deposit 5000.996.9 Monthly.46 Daily.43 Drawdown.00. Chart Account Demo Happy Forex Review Read Review Deposit 1568.71 Gain 214 Monthly.52 Daily.08 Drawdown.74. The majority of these tests have been running for at least a few months and the statistics all in one table make it easy to compare and help you to decide which is the best forex robot for you. Monthly The average monthly percentage gain or loss the forex robot has on the trading account. PF (Profit Factor) This is the profit factor of the forex robot. Chart Account Demo Forex Cyborg Review Read Review Deposit 7650.95 Gain 133 Monthly.27 Daily.30 Drawdown.23.24 Days 288 Chart Account Real Channel Trader Pro Review Read Review Deposit 4950.16. Monthly.90 Daily.24 Drawdown.74.