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is right they snatch their prey with confidence and precision. Sure we may have a few losses along the way to our big prize, but the goal here remains clear; waiting on the sidelines (or the shores of the river like the crocodile) to pounce on our prey and cop a huge nourishing meal. As traders, we must copy the crocodiles methods of hunting; we must be disciplined, patient, adaptable and methodical in our approach. Whereas a Lion might have many failed hunting attempts trying to catch a Gazelle or some other quick animal, expending a lot of energy in the process, crocs tend to have less losing trades or failed hunting attemptsbecause they dont waste time or energythey wait. Crocodiles are a traders best role model. As traders, we have to know what our trading edge looks like and where to look for it and then control ourselves enough to not over-trade before it arrives. Tick pricing and charts directly from swfx. Its almost funny that its taken me until now to write an article on what traders can learn from crocodiles considering I live in Australia where crocs are world-famous and plentiful. Dukascopy Binary Trader brings options to your iOS device. Crocs learn quickly and adapt to changes in their situation. It may shock some of you to know that nowadays I may trade only 3 times per week or even less some weeks.

The crocodile intuitively knows that it needs to conserve energy and wait for a big kill, this patience is actually a skill for the crocodile and its also a habit that has developed and reinforced in crocs over millions of years of providing them with. Crocs have also demonstrated an ability to learn quickly and avoid risky situations as we will discuss more about later, these are also things that we need to do as traders.

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Crocodile trading should become a habit for you In the past, I have written about the value of patience and how it is the core attribute of some of the greatest traders that have ever lived. Is his energy best spent going around all day eating little bait fish which are easy to catch? If you have a live trading account with a, cQG-powered broker and you have purchased real-time data from the broker, you don't have to pay for it again on TradingView if you qualify for non-pro data fees with your broker. Avoiding risk is one way that a species can survive over time and win the evolution battle of the fittest. Simple and straightforward to understand.

As traders, we have to adapt to changing market conditions, and as weve already discussed we need to have ice cold discipline to only trade when our prey is ripe for the taking. To learn more about Dukascopy Bank Binary Options /. This is how you get a high strike rate as trader, not by trading a hundred times a week in some futile effort to scalp the markets. But, my own personal experience is that its much more lucrative to wait patiently for high-quality trade setups than it is to stay glued to your charts all day and night trying to trade everything you can find. . Indeed, the fact that the crocodile has been around since dinosaurs walked the Earth is evolutionary proof that the concept of patience and discipline most certainly pays off.