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ad esempio il ISO del Dollaro USA. Inflation edit Russian inflation in 1998 reached 84 percent and welfare costs grew considerably. Asian financial crisis that had begun in 1997 and the following declines in demand for (and thus price of) crude oil and nonferrous metals, severely impacted Russian foreign exchange reserves. Dollar reserves to maintain the floating peg. Primakov's appointment restored political stability because he was seen as a compromise candidate able to heal the rifts between Russia's quarreling interest groups. 10 11 Also, since Russia's economy was operating to such a large extent on barter and other non-monetary instruments of exchange, the financial collapse had far less of an impact on many producers than it would had the economy been dependent on a banking system.

Useful information relating to the Dlar americano currency. "Russia and the IMF". Pinto, Brian; Ulatov, Sergei (2010). Colton and Stephen Holmes, eds., The State After Communism: Governance in the New Russia. The Wall Street Journal. The economic cost of the first war in, chechnya, estimated.5 billion (not including the rebuilding of the ruined Chechen economy also contributed to the crisis. Overview of Structural Reforms in Russia after 1998 Financial Crisis.A. Il Bitcoin, introdotto nel 2009, il Bitcoin è stato creato da uno sviluppatore o un gruppo di sviluppatori con lo pseudonimo di Satoshi Nakamoto.